Kids And Horses offers quality horseback riding lessons where your child can learn to ride in a fun and safe environment.

Lessons are given in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Kids and Horses offers beginner thru advanced lessons in Western and English formats. We offer special programs designed for the beginner rider to teach them from the ground up. As well as, exciting programs for more advanced students wanting to go to horse shows or on trail rides. Our program focuses on teaching students proper horsemanship and how to safely interact with horses, as well students learn about horse anatomy and the necessary pieces of tack. We set goals and work hard to achieve those goals. New students riding skills are assessed and they are placed into one of the following groups based on their skill level.

Intermediate-Advanced (riding for 2 years)

The students riding skills are evaluated while on a lounge line before they move into group lessons where they’ll continue to expand the riding skills they possess in the group environment. Students will also be required to know specific horse anatomy, pieces of tack and their function and how to safely interact with a horse while on the ground to be considered an intermediate-advanced rider.

Kids And Horses is a fun and exciting riding program that is truly all about kids and horses. If you feel our program would be something your child would enjoy please contact Darla via email or phone for more information.